Email 10.14.2010

Rain? What is rain? It's humid here but it never rains. You can count the stars you see at night on one hand. Sometimes no stars are able to be seen. So ya. I am officially an avansado(advanced). I hope the new amercians do not expect perfection from me. My native companion left for the field yesterday and my new companion is Elder Lewis from Grantsville, Utah. He is one of our zone leaders. So basically I am like a zone leader. And the temple session here is great. I went through a session in spanish without the translation. I understand spanish but I just can not talk it as well as I want to. So Dad what are you supposed to do without teeth for 8 to 10 hrs. And its great that Nevada is doing so well. Well today starts the last of my three weeks here in the MTC in Provo.(Peru) I will tell you about the tour next week because it is after our e-mailing time.
love you lots
Elder Leonard

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