Email 9.15.2010

Dear Mom and Dad
I love you both so very much. Yes Isaiah is confusing but it's okay since we have the Lord to help us understand the scriptures. It says in Preach my Gospel that the Bible and the Book of Morman should be used to teach the same principles. The Bible contains it but it is not in worded plainly. The Book of Morman is worded that even a child can know the keys to salvation. Well Dad best of luck with the new dentures. I'm glad you both are trying something new with eating foods and if it works then keep to it. I try to have salad here regularly and eat the vegetables sometimes. This week was ok I guess. I was feeling sick for most of it. The common cold has been going around. So I've been taking my vitamins and some echinacea. It has helped. Well I'm glad you and mom had fun down in St. George. It would have been neat to have been there but that's not my calling. Yesterday at our weekly devotional an Elder Richards
told us how to be better missionaries. He asked us the question. "Who are we?" I had to think a long time about that because earlier that my teacher Hermano Zirckle likened us to Laman/Lemuel or Nephi. He asked are we acting like Nephi. Putting our trust in the Lord and obeying all of his commandments or are we complaining because it is too hard like Laman/Lemuel? I never thought about that before. But Elder Holland said this about missionary work. It's hard because salvation is not a cheap experience. I, as a missionary was not the only one to ask the question. Is there an easier way? Our Savior asked that question thousands of years ago when in the Garden of Gethsamene. Salvation is not cheap and I know
that this work of the Lord is difficult. I know if I put my trust in him that I can do anything. Just as Nephi was able to build a boat, to return to Jerusalem and get the plates, or to build another bow from wood after his broke. I will not doubt. Next week my P-Day will be on Tuesday since I'm leaving that next Wedsnesday morning. We have to speak all Spanish from now on. I need to work on that. My whole district does. I am able to read and understand Spanish, well at least most of it. But I know that you and dad are continually praying for me and I can feel it. I can't believe that the time is passing by so fast. It's just like I left you and dad at the Jeep that wednesday afternoon yesterday and now already 2 weeks have passed. 102 more to go. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord. It will be the hardest work I have ever done but it will be worth it. I want to serve my mission so that when I look back on it. I
will say to myself and to anyone that asks me the question. Do you regret going on your mission? I will say never and I would serve again if the Lord called me to do so. Well I better go see if my clothes are done drying. Love you all.
With Love
Elder Leonard

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