Email 9.29.2010

Well Mom. The food here is great. Lots of rice. The climate here has not been that hot. I do not need to do much shopping when I go out into the mission field because the economy is so bad here that we will have housekeepers for us. They will cook for us. Kinda spoiled I know. Well anyways today we went to Interpol to get fingerprints and fun stuff like that taken care of. Ya people here are crazy and there are no set lanes. I thought californians were bad. Thought we we were going to die here on the way there. Lol. Tomorrow we get to go to the temple since we had to go to Interpol this morning. The temple is so beautiful and it is beautiful that wherever you go that is the house of the Lord that it has the Spirt. So the Rays will go to the Playoffs how exciting. How about my Colts? And wow! How did BYU let UNR beat them. That's unbelievable. Well I'll write later.

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