Email 10.20.2010

It´s still raining. That´s crazy! Well anyways the language is coming along fine. I am starting to think in Spanish which is a good thing. Though there are still times when I have to think about what I want to say in English then translate to Spanish. It´s still hard to carry on a regular conversation but I feel I understand the Gospel and can teach it clearly and simply. Which is good. I can understand even the faster speakers. I feel I will be doing alright when I get to the field in a couple of weeks. Today I get to go to the temple again. Yay! It's so fun listening to the session is Spanish.

Anyways ya the tour of the city was really neat. I had a nice conversation with the manager of a pizza place there. He was a member and he told me his conversion story. It was quite and interesting discussion. Anyways I bought me a hat and a satchel and a soccer jersey and a Machuu Pichuu shirt so. Ya I will be buying some more stuff today. It's really exciting to hear that L. Tom Perry was in Reno. So why was the stake getting recognized? Or was it being oraganized? Still its pretty neat. How is Nevada doing? And ya my companions are always a big help. My teachers here are just as cool. They are so nice and they are always making things seem simple. Well I love you all. God bless.
Elder Leonard

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