Email 9.23.2010

Hello again family,
Well I I made it to Peru! The MTC is really nice here. It´s small but other than that the same spirit is here. I met my first native companion earlier this morning. Elder Gonzalez. He´s from souther Peru and is going to the Peru Lima East mission. All the natives here are really nice unlike the people at the airport. Oh well. We got into the airport last night at about 9 30. But most of our bags didn´t so we had to wait till today to unpack. The plane rides were fun. I slept most of the time and then read when I wasn´t sleeping. Today is kinda like a P day. We don´t have class and we get to relax. But tomorrow is back to the grind. I barely was able to get all my stuff into my suitcases and now that I am here. I do not know how I would send some of the stuff I do not really need home. Oh well. One of these days I will have to send something home. Like when my camera memory gets full. Ya so it was nice talking to you mom. I did not know who was more excited to hear my voice, mom or Patty. Either way I got to talk to mom for a bit. I called Becky and just left her a message. I forgot the Mission address here in Peru in my room so you will have to wait till next week to post it. Well anyways I hope the time just wizzes by when I can email again.
Elder Leonard

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