Email 10.27.2010

Well I did take pictures. It´s just I don´t feel like sending them via internet here in the CCM. Anyways, it doesn´t get cold or hot here. The sky looks grey all the time. Sometimes we can see stars at night. We went proselyting in my mission this last Saturday. So I have a good idea what my area will look like. The members are so very helping. Glad you got my letter. I thought it would take forever. Anyways if you tried sending me one back it won´t make it before I leave next Tuesday for the mission field. Well Congrats to the Giants. The pitching must be superb. Lincecum must be back on his game and shutting people down. That´s great to hear. I know all about Chris and his motorcycle adventure. Though I did not they were going to Hawaii. Lucky ducks. Oh well ya everything here is green. There are an endless possibilities of flowers here. Also I think I know where my mission pres. house is but I am not sure. The temple is only about 5 minute bus ride from the CCM. So its really close. Anyways ya at least the branch did not fall on the fence. That would make things worse. The weather here never changes. Anyways my last week here in the CCM. Then it´s off to the mission field. I can´t wait. I am so excited. I need pictures of Chris and Shae in costume. That would be a good picture to have. Just to add to my little album I have. Ya it is getting closer to that time there. Thanksgiving
then after that Christmas! Then the time will just fly by as I lose myself in the work. Well anyways its always nice hearing from you.
Elder Leonard

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