Email 9.8.2010

Hola mi familia. So I've been here a week and it's been tough but so much fun. Spanish is coming along and our teachers are pushing us really hard. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission. My companion is from Riverton,Utah. He's such a great guy. This past week has been full of devotionals, meetings and lots of class and study time. We have two teachers. Bro. Zirkle and Sis. Andrade. They both are return missionaries and both are great examples to me and my district. My district is awesome as well. We get along so well. Our first Sunday
here was Fast Sunday. It's a pity I'm only here for one Fast Sunday. My other one will be in Peru since me, my companion and several other Elders leave for the Lima Peru MTC on September 22nd. By our third week here we will be talking only in Spanish in the classroom and outside of class. I hope I have the gift of tongues by then. This experience is pushing me to my limit. But I learned from the past meetings and devotionals that I shouldn't get discouraged or compare myself to other missionaries. For these are what the adversary puts into out thoughts to bring us into states of worriness and depression. I know I just need to press forward with a steadfastness in Christ having a perfect brightness of hope and a love of God and of all men. I am grateful again for this opportunity. Make sure you have Rachel put my address on Facebook. Some of my friends want to write me. Especially Ivan, Brian, and whoever else wants to write me. My P-day here is on Wednesday but it may change in the future. I hope you got my letter. I know you probably didn't get home till Monday. I thank you Mom and Dad so much for teaching me the Gospel and to Love the Lord. At the MTC I have had feelings of love for people I barely even know. I can feel the Spirit so strongly at times here. The food here is palatable. Is edible. It gets us through the day. I have so many things to do and my companion isn't as organized as he could be. He likes to do other things. He is easily distracted but other than that he is a great companion. He can sing. All of our district enjoys singing. We sing so much my voice hurts after just a little bit of singing. But we sing because we love to which is awesome. We have an Elder Otuafi. He says he has no relation to the Otuafi's there but I doubt it. He looks a little like them. They're all related somehow. I am being good about writing in my Journal everyday Dad and its worth it. Nothing like writing your feelings about the day and your experiences throughout that day. I love you all very much and I look forward to every Wednesday when I can e-mail you. Love you all! Make sure you forward to Rachel and Chris!
Elder Leonard

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