Email 10.6.2010

Yes we got to listen to General Conference in English. My favorite talk was when M. Russell Ballard talked about comparing Satan to a fly fisherman. It was a great comparison and he has truly mastered his craft. I couldn't help but realize that Pres. Monson looked really tired during conference. Well anyways its good to hear that UNR is doing well. Kinda disappointed I didn't hear about my Colts but its not important if you decide not to put it in. Well only 4 more weeks
here. I can hardly believe it. I can talk with my companion but its really hard to explain certain things to him since my vocabulary is not very large. So I try to explain in simple words. It works sometimes. I just need more time which I have. My companion leaves for the field next week. Its hard to believe. I will miss him. But next week we get to go on a tour of Lima so that will be fun. We will get to see the Ocean for once. Lol. Well I haven't met my mission pres. yet and my mission is super small. Its most of the north west part of the city of Lima. I get beaches mostly. Which is okay I think. Well anyways we go to the temple in the afternoon to day which
is dumb because i would rather go in the morning. I still haven't gotten anything from Chris. I guess he isn't inspired to tell me anything yet. Well look forward to next week.
Elder Leonard

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